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Q: How Far Can I throw?
A: I don't know. Let us know your records on our Facebook page and on Youtube
Q: Is it Legal for the PDGA?
A: Obviously not. We do not aim to change the pure sport of Disc Golf. We have simply created a new game that can use the same courses (like snowboards on a ski mountain)
Q: Does it work with all disc Golf Discs?
A: The majority (around 80%) of standard discs work great. Different sizes will have different flight characteristics.
Q: What happens with different sized discs?
A: Larger diameter discs fit into the thrower tighter and take a harder swing to release. These discs produce farther throws. Discs with smaller diameter fit into the thrower easier and take a more gentle swing to throw. They do not go as far but are easier to control.
Q: Is there any way to customize when the disk releases?
A: Yes, turn your body and throw with the same motion.
Q: My thrower broke. What are my options? Warranty?
A: How did it break? If it was a defect in manufacturing or materials, you're out of luck. If, however, you ran over it with a truck, send it back for recycling and we will replace it. Shipping and handling will apply.
Q: How much space do I need to use this safely?
A: Just make sure there are no people or breakable things like car windows in front of you for a long ways. Also, ensure your swing radius is clear of people and obstacles. Everyone should stand a good 10 feet behind you too. Please read instructions and warning before use.
Q: Where can I buy one?
A: Back on the home page.
Q: My arms are really weak, will I be able to use this?
A: Yes, you will just want to use a smaller diameter disc. We are also working on a bionic arm kit for weak-armed individuals, coming soon.
Q: Did you use organic, biodegradable , renewable, vegan and recyclable materials?
A: No, No, No, No, and Yes.
Q: Does it work for right and left handed throwers?
A: Yes, just flip it over and change arms.
Q: Can I bend shots?
A: If you throw at an angle or if you have the superhuman abilities featured in the feature film Wanted
Q: How do I use it?


When operating the Folf Club, make sure the area around the user is completely clear of people and obstacles. Other players and/or spectators should stand a reasonable distance behind the user remaining clear of the swing. Discs can exit the thrower at high speeds and travel great distances. Therefore, do not aim or launch discs at other people or property. Failure to follow instructions or adhere to warnings may cause injury or damage.

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