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How to use it:
1 - load
Grip the Folf Club firmly and rotate the disk until it snaps securely into place.
2 - aim
With a clear fly and swing zone, right-handed throwers should have their left foot forward and feet a shoulder width apart with their left shoulder facing the target.
3 - launch
Holding the handle securely, swing the Folf Club in a smooth, level manner. The disk will release and soar automatically.

* The “THROW” arrow on the thrower should face up and indicate the direction you would like to throw. Flip the Folf Club over and reverse the stance for left-handed operation.

When operating the Folf Club, make sure the area around the user is completely clear of people and obstacles. Other players and/or spectators should stand a reasonable distance behind the user remaining clear of the swing. Discs can exit the thrower at high speeds and travel great distances. Therefore, do not aim or launch discs at other people or property. Failure to follow instructions or adhere to warnings may cause injury or damage.

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